Pet Rescue in Japan (Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Evacuation Zone)

May 10/11 – Fukushima No. 1 Reactor Accident: Pets will be rescued in conjunction with the temporary return of people to their homes

Fuji TV News Network, May 10 (Tuesday), broadcast at 12:31 a.m. JST

A decision has been made to allow people to bring their cats, dogs, and other pets back out when they return to their homes within the 20 kilometer exclusion zone surrounding the No. 1 Fukushima reactor temporarily from May 10th, onward.

There have been strong demands from citizens for the rescue of pets from the start and the decision to implement this in conjunction with the temporary returns home that will begin on May 9 or 10th was made after much coordination.

This will be implemented in nine cities and towns, including Tamura and Minami Soma City. The Ministry of the Environment and Fukushima Prefecture will work together in teams with two vehicles to conduct an orderly rescue of pets that have been tied to ropes within the grounds of homes, either on the same day or the next day after residents return home temporarily.

A decision has also been made to transfer pigs being raised in Minami Soma City within the exclusion zone to a Tokyo University affiliated farm in Ibaraki Prefecture. The transfer is projected for May 10th, at the earliest.

Not part of the above article but still important:

Please help Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support to also get as many animals out as possible during this time.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:

Olympic Snowboarder and Recent US Open Champion Kazu Kokubo to Support JEARS

Written by JEARS Team Wednesday, 27 April 2011 12:09

Reigning Burton US Open of Snowboarding Champion and two-time Olympian, Kazuhiro (Kazu) Kokubo announced his support for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support today and urged his fans and the snowboarding community to follow his lead in supporting animal rescue in Japan.  Read more at

Help Pets Left Behind! Petition For Pet Rescuers Entry to Exclusion Zone

We are appealing to the Prime Minister’s Office by mail. Please help us.

On April 22, the Government of Japan officially established the Exclusion Zone, which legally prohibits entering a 20km zone around the nuclear reactors.  To rescue animals left in the area, Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) created a new petition addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office and cabinets.

If you want to save animals, and if you agree with the content, please email the “Request to Save the Pets in the Exclusion Zone” to the Prime Minister’s Office.

(Please note:  Please refrain from phoning or faxing because this causes trouble during times of crisis.)

You are welcome to copy all or a part of the message.

We listed two links below.  If you would like to use the second link, please send the following written petition in Japanese. To do so, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to either one of the following two forms:

the comment page for the Prime Minister’s Office at: (English input.)


(Japanese input.  instruction is as follows.)

2.  Please input the following:

電子メールアドレス: (“Your email address”)

確認の為、再度入力してください。: (“Please input your email address again for confirmation.”)



“Please state your opinion or request concerning governmental policies to the Office and various ministries.

Please do not use machine-dependent characters such as half-sized kana.”


The following is the written petition written in Japanese. We provided the English translation at the bottom of this page.   Please copy from the next line onward.




動 物救援ボランティアグループは、救済に伴うリスクを承知で、犬、猫、その他コンパニオンの動物達の命を救いたいと考えています。救助グループや、個人ボラ ンティアには特別に「立ち入り許可証」などを与えて頂き、全面的に規制するのではなく、ボランティア達が 動物の移動や餌を与える等の救済活動に安全に専念出来るよう, ご配慮頂けますと幸いです。


(Copy up to the line above and paste in the column.)

4. Check the departments you are sending the comment to: 内閣官房 (located at 1st line far left) and 内閣府 (located at 1st line far right) -These are the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Office.

5. Click on the 送信 (“send”) button to send it.

6. The next screen shows you the message content. If this is acceptable, please click on the確認 (“confirm”) button to send it.

If you wish to redo it, please click on the戻る (“return”) button.

7. The next screen will say:

“Input the numbers you see in the blank columns.”

Input these numbers and click on 確認 (“confirm”).

Click on 戻る (“return”) to go back.

8. You will get a confirmation ID on the next screen.


Below is a translation of the actual petition. Please do not send it in English. Copy the Japanese text above and send that.

Urgent Request to Rescue Pets Left Behind in the Exclusion Zone Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

We would like to respectfully request that you will consider issuing entry permits to animal rescue groups.

While we understand the nation’s position in imposing restrictions on entering the 20km exclusion zone, we also feel that for many people who have lost everything, the added agony of wondering about the fate of their pets, part of their families, is a cruel twist. Volunteer groups are aware of the risks and would like to save the lives of dogs, cats, and other companion animals.  We humbly ask that you kindly provide rescue groups, and individual volunteers with special “entrance permits” and do not impose random restrictions.

Also, please assist in distributing information among pet owners who cannot go to bring their pets out or who do not have access to online information.


If you are also interested in writing to:

MAFF, Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries, English page can be found at:

MOE, Ministry of the Environment:


April 13, 2011 – Pet rescuers brave Fukushima danger zone

CNN Report April 13, 2011 – See the Video below

Please help Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support Help Rescue These Animals. Donate at their website at

Please help Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support Help Rescue These Animals. Donate at their website at

April 13 – World Vets has had personnel on the ground in Japan for the past 4 weeks working with Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) and the local veterinary community. In response to the animals in Fukushima, JEARS has volunteers making visits on a daily basis to look for animals, provide them with food and/or to bring them back to shelters for care. World Vets veterinarians continue to work 12 hour days providing veterinary care to animals living in shelters and outside evacuation centers. Our team has also established a protocol for treating and de-contaminating animals rescued from areas within the radiation zone as well as a system for their in – take, housing and care. World Vets also has a large shipment of pet food as well as another shipment of collapsable cages, kennels and vet supplies en route to Japan.

Donate to WorldVets Online Now -Be sure to specify the cause you want your donation to go to.

Animal Rescue in Progress

World Vets (International Aid for Animals), Japanese Animal Rescue and Support, Animal Friends Niigata, HEART-Tokushima, Japan Cat Network, Animal Refuge Kansai, and the Japan SPCA are rescuing and aiding the animal victims of the disaster in Japan. Some shelters don’t allow pets and consequently some homeless people won’t go into the shelters if it means abandoning their pets. Other pets were separated from their owner families during the disaster and others are being found injured amongst the debris. Pet food is also in short supply.  In the enormity of the disaster in Japan, these organizations are making sure that the animals aren’t forgotten, and are also helped.

March 22,2011 Dolphin rescued from rice field 12 days after tsunami: story on msnbc at

World Vets

World Vets is currently on the ground in Japan. Follow their updates on their website.

March 26 – In response to the recent earthquake and tsunami, WorldVets has reached out to the veterinary community in Japan, specifically in Sendai – an area affected by the tsunami where animals are reported to be isolated and injured. Working with a large coalition of Japanese animal welfare groups and international aid organizations, World Vets has already deployed a first responder assessment team and is currently mobilizing their resources to setup ongoing support activities.

“The response from the communities aware of WorldVets’ mission has been overwhelming and we are very thankful to those who have already contributed to our efforts.  More help is needed,” says Dr. Cathy King, CEO of World Vets. “Our first responder deployment will make an assessment of the current resources available, the animal related needs that exist and how best World Vets is able to assist animal rescue and sheltering efforts.”

World Vets has also provided and will continue to provide veterinary aid in the form of supplies and medicines, as well as veterinary relief volunteers.

March 17 – 2:05PM World Vets currently has 2 people in Japan. Dr Koji Fukomura is in Tokyo and Adrien Zap is in the field north of Niigata. Adrien is working with Animal Friends Niigata and they are close to the hardest hit areas right now. We are also coordinating pallet-load shipments of supplies to aid local animal welfare groups in Japan. A major animal issue right now is that people are fleeing the country and leaving their animals behind. Shelters are being overwhelmed with animals. We are working with local groups to support them. We are currently coordinating a shipment to Japan Cat Network as well.

Donate to WorldVets Online Now -Be sure to specify the cause you want your donation to go to.

Global Animal is collecting donations on behalf of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. Global Animal is an online news magazine and social community for all things animal, from the beloved pet to exotic wildlife. It’s a virtual clubhouse for pet lovers and animal advocates worldwide to stay informed, be moved, be heard, and get involved.

Donate Through GlobalAnimal.Org

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support is a  coalition of three groups — HEART-TokushimaAnimal Friends Niigata, and Japan Cat Network. They have united to provide shelter, rescue, and an exchange of information for animals of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. These groups have been rescuing and rehoming animals in Japan for many years. Funds will be used directly for animal rescue and support of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. They have a strict no-kill policy for all the pets they rescue.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:

Pippi and Sakichan updates

Thursday 7 April 2011 03:37  - Written by JEARS Team

Remember these birds? We were asked by the owners, who are in an evacuation facility in Niigata, to go to their house and see if the birds were alive or not. They were reluctant to accompany us just in cast the worst had happened. Thankfully, they were alive so they were brought back to Animal Friends Niigata. We have now managed to find them a foster home near the centre where the owners are currently located.

Meet Shane and Kamata-san.

Sunday, 27 March 2011 03:31 – Hoping to return for the dog after alerting his neighbors to the impending danger, Kamata-san found his way blocked by the tsunami. Six hours later at his evacuation center in Miyagi Prefecture, a dog was seen lingering outside. There Kamata-san found his Akita a bit battered and tired from his long swim through debris laden waters, but alive and well. A little rest, some antibiotics from JEARS to help heal his infected legs, and the support of his best friend brought Shane round in no time.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:


Saturday, 26 March 2011 06:22 – We are now going forward to establish temporary and semi-permanent bases for going into the earthquake devastated areas. We are looking for volunteers to help. The most useful skills or situations will be people with vehicles, or can drive and trade off with other drivers, Japanese or English/Japanese skills, and general Jack or Jill of all trades types. We need people who can be sensitive to the loss of people in crisis, tolerant of stress and difficult situations, be able to “rough it” when necessary, and of course be able to handle animals. Those are not the only needs and requirements but that is what first comes to mind. We ask people to be as best informed as they can about the possible dangers and physical difficulty involved. Any interest can be emailed to

Please donate to JEARS though their website:


We are preparing to receive animal here at HEART and we are working closely with Japan Cat Network and Animal Friends Niigata to save as many animals as possible.  Niigata is the closest to the affected areas and will be our base of operations. We will be going out tomorrow to distribute food and water and to try and make an initial assessment.  Please check our regular reports on Facebook at to find out what is needed and how you can help.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:

Animal Friends Niigata

We are a small group set up in 2008 by Isabella Gallaon-Aoki, a long-term resident of Niigata, caring for and re-homing some of the many unwanted animals found in Niigata Prefecture and in other parts of Japan. In Niigata Prefecture more than 4,000 of these unfortunate animals meet an untimely death at the hands of the authorities yearly.

We give the necessary care and social training to abandoned animals, and where possible to find them new good and loving homes. Where this is not possible, we provide them with lifelong care at our small shelter. We believe strongly that all animals, regardless of age, health, and behavioural problems have the right to life, and should not be discriminated against just for these reasons. Because of this belief we rescue many old, sick, and problem animals, who have no chance of being adopted and who other rescue groups will not help. We hold a regular adoption events to try to find homes for our animals.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:

Japan Cat Network

March 17, 2011 We’d like to give you an update on our coalition efforts to help the animals in the Tohoku region. A small rescue team went out from Niigata’s Animal Friends on March 15, and they are out again today on the 17th. The experience has been a tough one for those on the ground, as the amount of devastation that they are encountering is so very great. However the gratitude of the people they have met, some continuing to care for their pets under dangerous or difficult circumstances, has been amazing and very uplifting. We will continue sending folks out to see how we can help in the area, and we might eventually call for more volunteer help, but we need some time to formulate a better plan for using volunteers safely in the region. More photos here…

March 13, 2011 – We remain very concerned about the animals in the severely effected areas, who may be overlooked in the midst of so much immediate need to address human concerns. We are currently working with two other no-kill organizations to coordinate plans for getting animals from these areas out to safety, and have already begun helping people with pets in crisis.

Please donate to JEARS though their website:


Animal Refuge Kansai

ARK Chairman Elizabeth Oliver confirms that access to hard hit areas like Tohoku/Sendai is limited. ARK is preparing for a huge influx of injured, homeless animals of the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake… Thousands of people are dead or missing and animals in the path of the tsunami likely perished. In this rural area most dogs would have been chained, unable to escape. We are very concerned about pets left in homes near the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. It is unclear how many could accompany their guardians at evacuation centres. Others in centres have lost everything and will probably have to give up their pets too. Tokyo ARK, along with foster homes, can take in some animals. Osaka Ark can accept animals flown in, once airports reopen. ARK’s Nose Shelter is prepared to accept animals. ARK may also build a temporary shelter in Sasayama (40-minute drive from ARK).

Please donate via link on ARK’s website at

Japan SPCA

Japan SPCA is taking in lost animals at their shelter as well as organizing and contributing to relief efforts. They have set up a PayPal fund for donations. A donation of 2000 yen is equal to about $25US.

Please Donate at the Japan SPCA website at


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